Vicespy Lounge – Jaime Lannister’s Sword (Game of Thrones)

We are all weary from the everyday hassles that we have to endure during the week, but that is irrelevant now, for it is Friday. It is time for you to unwind, so we at Vicespy would like to offer you a relaxing video for your viewing pleasure. It is time to sit back, relax, and view at your leisure; enjoy, and welcome to the Vicespy Lounge.

Jaime Lannister's Sword (Game of Thrones)

Tony Swatton from Man at Arms forges Jaime Lannister’s sword from “Game of Thrones.” This blade will be crafted from scratch, with a hilt forged from molten bronze, and then taken outside for an epic battle against a windshield.


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