Orsos Island

Have you ever wanted to own your own island? Well, the Orsos Island takes that concept and integrates mainland luxury housing and luxury yachts to create a stunning, modern, and mobile island. Even though the Orsos Island was designed by ship engineers, it cannot operate on its own and it will require a tugboat or cargo ship when you will need to move it. That being said, this is not a negative thing at all. You can enjoy the privacy of your own island with everything you will need, but not be limited to only being in one location only. So, it is completely viable to be mobile incase you want a change of scenery or would like to visit some friends or associates and bring your island with you. There is nothing but benefits with the Orsos Island!

Orsos Island - Shore

The Orsos Island comes with six bedrooms that are spread out between three floors that are both spacious and luxurious, so you will have plenty of space for guests that you bring to your Orsos Island. But space is not limited to the rooms, the Orsos Island can accommodate as many as thirty-eight people, so it has a lot of room for other activities and parties along with the living spaces. But wait, there is much, much more! The Orsos Island has many additions worth mentioning such as an outdoor sundeck which can seat fifteen people as well as a bar, a barbeque style buffet layout, and a jacuzzi. The main deck of the Orsos Island is quite large and it is perfect for relaxation and accessing the water due to the floating platform with a stability you can count on. The main deck also includes two outdoor showers, an area that can be used for multiple purposes, and the kitchen area can be accessed easily from there so you can easily serve food to visitors while they are enjoying various water activities or lounging.

The Orsos Island also has a storage area where you can store various items and equipment, a main deck where people can relax and have a drink or a snack thanks to the small kitchen area while they view the aquarium, and a lower deck area that is below sea level that can serve as an entertainment area where visitors can partake in many activities such as watching movies in the theater, dancing, and karaoke. It that was not enough, the lower deck also has a kitchen that is quite large and a laundry and maintenance area can be added per your request.

Orsos Island - Night

“But what about power?” you may ask? Well, the Orsos Island has an environmentally safe way to power the island through the use of wind energy and solar power, so you will have no issues concerning energy be it day or night! Along with that the Orsos Island has a system that harnesses the heat from the sea water to power air conditioning and heating, so no matter the weather conditions, you will be prepared and in such a clean, thoughtful and innovative way. The Orsos Island also has a water filtration system that converts seawater into drinking water so that you will always have water available, even in dire times if it to come to that; talk about a lifesaver built right into the island. Hygiene is also of no concern due to the garbage collection and storage system that is separated from the rest of the areas and it is refrigerated and compressed so removal of unwanted materials can be done safely and at your leisure.

We at Vicespy are absolutely in awe and we cannot wait to try out the Orsos Island for ourselves. What more could you ask for? It literally has everything you would need and more! With the Orsos Island being available, I can see many people purchasing one for themselves and leaving the old dream of owning an immobile  island behind for what we consider to be a superior option. Relaxation, convenience, efficiency, and reliability all in one convenient island called Orsos.