Dual Beer Glass by Pretentious Beer Glass Company

The Pretentious Beer Glass Company makes many interesting and useful glasses that catch the eye, but the Dual Beer Glass by Pretentious Beer Glass Company has an interesting design and function that we find to be quite useful. The Dual Beer Glass by Pretentious Beer Glass Company is designed with two chambers that will allow you to mix two different types of beer together with little experience in doing so. The glass itself is about 5 to 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide, and it is capable of holding 10 to 12 ounces of brew, which is plenty for one drink. You might be asking why the stated measurements vary, well there is a simple answer to that question; each one of these glasses are of a high quality and handcrafted, so the measurements will most likely vary, as no two glasses are the same. Along with each glass being made by hand, each glass will be packaged in a gift box with a card that will suggest beer combinations, which is great for those who receive the Dual Beer Glass as a gift, but has little knowledge of mixing beers.

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If you are interested in this beer glass then we would suggest contacting the Pretentious Beer Glass Company as soon as possible. Why you might ask? Well since the company has received more press notoriety, orders have increased. After all, the only one making the glasses is Matthew Cummings, and he states that he is working overtime to fill orders. We at Vicespy applaud the high quality classes that Matthew Cummings has created with his own hands, and we feel he will continue to create many more. The Dual Beer Glass is only one of his amazing glasses, but the reason it is our favorite is because making a correct Half and Half just became that much easier, and it removes the need for spoon layering that some drinks require. This glass makes the perfect gift for beer lovers indeed, but if you are also a beer lover, be sure to get yourself one first before you start to feel generous.