Darwin Crocosaurus Cove – Cage of Death

Located in Darwin City, the Darwin Crocodile Park is known for its unrivaled interaction with some of natures most prehistoric and dare we say, beautiful creatures. But there is one attraction that the Darwin Crocodile Park has that we found to be the most interesting: The Darwin Crocodile Park – Cage of Death. Aside from the name, the Darwin Crocodile Park – Cage of Death is quite safe way to view these majestic and powerful creatures, actually it is probably the safest we can think of considering crocodiles of some of the most dangerous and deadliest creatures that you can encounter. You can enter the cage alone, or with another to share the experience together and for a brief moment feel like you are sharing the environment with some of the worlds largest crocodiles. It is not surprising this is a popular tourist attraction and thousands of people have experienced the thrill (or complete and utter fear) of the Darwin Crocodile Park – Cage of Death for themselves.

Crocosaurus Cove - Cage of Death

The cylinder that you are placed in is designed with safety and viewing clarity in mind (360 degrees of clear and pristine viewing pleasure) and from what we have seen, this appears to be quite true. From the time you are lowered into the pen till the time you are pulled out you will most likely be in complete awe; the up close interaction is intensified when they are fed. So, if you are interested pack your bags because the Darwin Crocodile Park is located in Australia, but from reviews we have heard it is definitely worth the trip to experience the park as a whole, and the Darwin Crocodile Park – Cage of Death is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. We at Vicespy would love to visit the Darwin Crocodile Park and experience all that it has to offer for ourselves. Many others have already due to the media attention the park has raised and we are sure they will be operational for a very long time. This experience is definitely on our list of things to experience in the near future and we are sure anyone that loves these giant reptiles would jump at the chance to go. I wonder if they are hiding a Sarcosuchus anywhere at the park? we can at least dream, can’t we?