Beer Tours of Belgium

Belgium and Belgian Beer is near and dear to ViceSpy’s heart. We have toured most of Flanders with a keen eye on beer and Belgian history. European beer is for the most part different varieties of Pilsner lager which all, yes all, started with Pilsner Urquell in current day Czech Republic . We don’t care if you are in England, Germany or even the Netherlands. When you drinking beer in Europe you’re probably drinking a bastardization of a Pilsner lager unless you happen to be in Belgium. The Belgians take their beer very very seriously. ViceSpy has witnessed mens very worth being weighed and measured by the beer he drinks. Every beer has it’s own glass and may Zeus help you if you’re ever caught drinking the wrong beer in the wrong glass.  Belgians have been making beer for over a thousand years and is one of the only parts of their identity that they seem to agree on.

Beer Tours Of Belgium

This brings us to the Beer Tours of Belgium who has multi-day beer drinking tour. Specifically the Lonely Monks Trappist Beer Tour Of Belgium & The Netherlands which is a ten day nine night tour of all seven of the Trappist abbeys that exist. Westmalle, Westvleteren, Orval, Chimay, Rochefort, Achel and LaTrappe.  The tour takes you to four corners of Belgium and even dips into the Netherlands to visit the only non Belgian Trappist abbeys. The tour is very detailed so please visit the site to get exact destinations as the list is too large to included here.
Monk brewed Trappist Ale represents centuries of tradition, preparation, and attention to detail. Anyone that is a beer aficionado needs to attend the Beer Tours of Belgium and even if you seldom drink, there is still the beautiful country of Belgium, their culture, and exceptional food to experience.

Beer Tours Of Belgium


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